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Shana Brown


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Shana Brown is a Tri-Cities native, with over 7 years of experience in the real estate industry. She has 10+ years of customer service experience ranging from restaurant management to large event coordination. 

Shana is extremely passionate about serving others with excellence, having impeccable communication and honesty, and exceeding expectations, all while building lasting relationships along the way. Her knowledge of the industry, community, extensive network and customer service experience put her a step above the rest. She prides herself in having a strong work ethic, attention to detail and a positive attitude. A true advocate for her clients, Shana strives to demonstrate the highest level of integrity; making every client feel comfortable, confident and at ease with the process of buying or selling. 

Nathan & Jennifer
Daniel, Jennifer, Emma, Braxton, Logan And Brighton

My husband and I were first time homebuyers and had no idea where to start. We were referred to a few REALTORS by friends and our loan officer, and decided to go with Shana based on her statistics and reviews. Best decision we ever made! Not only is Shana impressively knowledgeable in her field and the current market, she is also personable and uncommonly kind. You don't meet many people like her these d...

— Nathan & Jennifer


Meeting Shana started with a postcard received from her in our mail, and when we were ready to sell our home, I gave her a call just to ask some general questions. Shana was very helpful and willing to talk to me over the phone as well as agreeing to meet in person even before deciding to use her as our REALTOR. Once the selling process began, Shana was constantly in touch with every little detail to kee...

— Bierman


Let me start out by saying 5 stars is not enough to explain how great shana is! I couldn't be more serious, I am now goving her an upraded star rating of 1 milion stars. A couple key points that make her stand out is her communication skills and the knowledge of "Our" market. She answered every question, every phone call, every email and every text message.That means a lot. The care she took with underst...

— Daniel, Jennifer, Emma, Braxton, Logan And Brighton

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